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aHow We Work

The services listed below are all part of regular product sourcing package, however we are also available to be contracted to act on your behalf for particular aspects of a product procurement project being handled independently of us according to your requirements.

aProduct/Supplier Sourcing

Send us your details about the product you require. This will tell us the product specifications, target price, required level of quality, and target lead time. We will undertake internet and phone research to find suitable suppliers by conveying product details and requirements to suppliers.

A preliminary assessment of these suppliers will narrow the list down to the most suitable candidates and then physical inspections of both manufacturing facilites and product samples will be undertaken by our team in China.

If you are able to provide us with a sample of the product you require this will be compared to what the factory is already producing and then modifications or adjustments to their products will be undertaken if neccessary. Samples will then be sent to you for approval prior to placement of the order.

aFactory Inspections

If you have a supplier in mind but want to verify their actual manufacturing ability we can visit the factory premises on your behalf and compile a report giving our evaluation of their facilities based on our extensive experience in dealing with a number of Chinese factories over the years.


If you require products to come in your own branded packaging this can be arranged. Provide us with the design or concept and we will oversee both the packaging manufacturing process as well as the packing of your products to make sure you receive them in the condition you had intended.
We will ensure that your packaging design is suitable for the product it will contain by making mock-ups and physically testing it with your products prior to mass production.

aProduct Quality Control

Upon completion of production we will undertake random sampling quality control inspections. This is to ensure that the manufactured product is the same as the sample approved by you. This process is vital in ensuring that the product has been manufactured in accordance with your requirements prior to payment being made and the order being shipped.
This allows you to eliminate the risk and potentially significant costs of only finding out about problems after the load arrives in your country.


We can arrange the exporting documentation and subsequent transport of your order according to your cost and time requirements. Options available for your consideration include Ocean Shipping, Air Freight, and Sea-Air Freight.