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aChoosing an agent

When considering importing products from China, we know that you may be considering someone else, or doing it yourself. So let us suggest a few questions that it would be extremely useful for you to get honest answers to: (and allow us to tell you how we would answer these difficult questions)

Will you undertake to not sell this newly sourced product to my competitors?
There is nothing more frustrating than successfully sourcing a new or existing product with a good profit margin, only to have your supplier or agent immediately seek out your direct competitors and sell to them too. We have a strict policy of only ever dealing with one customer in each market.

Do I have to pay a consultancy fee?
Regardless of if you fail to find the right deal? We do not charge anything up front - if there is no deal then there is no cost.

What quality guarantees will I have?
We check out factories, we always deal with a sample and specification, and make sure this factory makes the item, and regularly makes this item too. We will then get the goods inspected on agreed points before shipment. So we reduce risk all the time: and if at the end of the day there are problems, we will work with you and the supplier to resolve the issue. It is only if there are problems that you see the calibre of the people you are dealing with. We have integrity.

Who is a typical customer?
Our most frequent customers are companies who are looking to find an item, and either has been unable to find it themselves or is too busy to give it their full attention and just want it done, or apprehensive. They already have customers for the product, know what it is, and are looking for someone to handle this, remove the risk, and just get it over for them. Almost acting as part of their own team.
Sometimes the products are new items they want to add to their range, other times, it is just existing price pressure that is forcing them to consider changing their present process.

A typical client will say yes to all of these 7 questions ĘC
- Do you have a specification?
- Have you a target price?
- Is this price realistic?
- Do you know how many you want, and when a reorder is likely?
- If we find the items meeting the specification and target price, are you ready to go ahead immediately?
- Is this project important, and has to go ahead?
- Do you look at us as a long term partner with you?