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aSourcing & Importing

Not everyone will use a sourcing company to import their products, after all, how difficult can it really be? - all you need to do is look on the many Chinese web sites, find a factory, get absolutely the very best price, pay them your money, and wait for your goods to arrive.

However, our best clients, are those who have realized it isn't so easy in real life, and some of the issues that inexperienced buyers grapple with, are:

aFinding the right supplier or agent:
Many factories will say that of course they can make exactly what you need, even give you a super looking sample ĘC but how do you know that the made it ? When we are only going to the Far East because of price, how can you be sure of their quality standards when you do not share a common language or business culture? A large number of agents are fronts for just one factory, who place all their work there, regardless of previous experience with that product. Hong Kong is getting a bit of a reputation for agents who pose as factories, and then buy the goods in at what ever grade they think they can get away with. You want a company who will find a factory who already makes a similar product, and who can ensure the factory knows they will not be able to get away with poor quality.

aOrganising all of the details:
The sheer consequence of wrong specification or interpretation of meanings can be horrific. Then there is customs, shipping, inspection and monitoring. If you cost in a trip or two to check things over, the senior management time to agree everything, after doing all of this, payback often isn't until year 2 or 3. Doing it yourself is not always even a cheap solution at all

aArranging payment & inspection:
How do you go about paying someone in a different currency in a different language in a different time zone in a way that results in neither of you getting cheated? What is the best method, TT or L/C, FOB or CIF. What terms are standard, and what happens if things go wrong. How honest are the inspection people, what is worth inspecting, and is there a realistic warranty that will work.

aThe risk VS reward ratio of sourcing abroad is very high
High rewards, but high risk too. Great savings if you get it right, but high cost if you get it wrong. This is where Product Sourcing Services comes in. Our small cost is built into the price we charge you for the products, and we handle it all for you. Acting as your companies own sourcing and importing department. No fees, no consultancy, just piece of mind, and honest advice about if we feel it is worth doing. We do not make wrong sales, we would rather tell you we think it too risky, and you walk away, than just take your money and deliver what you ask for.