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aFree Sourcing Services Charge

Unlike many in this business, we doní»t charge consultancy rates. We can, but most of our clients, want us to have some incentive to find the goods. We only benefit if the client goes ahead, as there is a small commission within the price we quote. Most of our clients not only want us to find the items, but also then bring them over and handle all the details such as shipping and customs.

Of course meetings are very important to check we both get on, and as all of the time risk and cost is on our shoulders, then we like to make sure that the project is likely to go ahead if we do what is asked of us. We have to trust you are sincere in your intension to go ahead, as you trust we are discrete with our findings.

This is one of the codes of ethics that we operate under: for more examples, please see the pages detailing how we will not sell the product we source for you to your competitors, and also see our guide to choosing an importer to do business with.

Finally, to arrange for a meeting, please contact us.